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Anyone who has looked at Hearing Aids on the internet will know that there is a mind boggling choice. There are hundreds of aids from dozens of manufacturers, and a huge range of styles, technology and prices. Unless you are an audiologist, the chances are that you will not understand the differences between all of the aids on offer.


When choosing what hearing system will suit you best, the single most important thing is to trust that the Audiologist  understands your needs, is able to recommend with total impartiallity, and has your best interests in mind.


Working independently gives me the ability to choose from all of the manufacturers, so we can find the best aids, from the best manufacturer to suit your needs.


And as I don't have the overheads associated with High Street practitioners, I can offer you the best aids available within your chosen budget.


All of the manufacturers give a 60 day return period, so if we find that the aids we have chosen do not suit you, I simply return them to the manufacturer and we can try something else.


Simply put, you have the reassurance of knowing that you’ll end up with the aids that are perfect for your needs.

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