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If any of the above seem familiar, then it's time to get your hearing checked!


Before I test your hearing, we will have a chat about your hearing and any problems you experience, as well as any factors that may contribute to hearing loss, such as medication, health issues, past trauma or noise exposure.


After this an aural examination will take place to check the physical health of the outer ears, the ear canals and the Tympanic membrane (Ear Drum) as well as making sure there are no obstructions present that would affect the Hearing Test.


Providing all is well the hearing test will commence. This consists of presenting a series of different pitched tones that cover the various sounds of speech, such as vowels and consonants, and plotting a graph from the responses you give.


The resulting graph will show any deviation from the norm and at what level you hear the various speech sounds.


I will then go through the graph with you, explaining how it works, and why you have hearing problems in certain situations.


Following on from this, if appropriate, you will be offered a demonstration of hearing aids. This will consist of programming a pair of aids to your prescription so you are able to experience first hand how hearing speech can be enhanced by the latest hearing systems.

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A Real World Hearing Test

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