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We think that getting your hearing back should be made an enjoyable experience and having a hearing assessment should be relaxed and stress free.


So don't put up with poor hearing, come and have a chat and a coffee with us to see what the latest hearing aids can do for you.


We have aids to suit all budgets in all styles. Whether you want tiny in the ear aids, rechargeable or the latest 'smart' aids made to connect wirelessly to everything from mobile phones to TV, we have them all.


Stephen Toon Hearing Care is a family run practice, and we specialise in using the very latest technology available in all the hearing aids we use.


Unlike many Hearing Care companies we have no ties to any particular manufacturer. We fiercely protect our independant status as we recognise the importance of being able to select the very best hearing system for our patients, from whichever manufacturer provides the best solution for them.


This means we are able to make sure our patients are getting the very best hearing they can have, with whatever Aids they choose.


We also have a range of Unitron Hearing aids on our 'Hear for Life' plan if you want to spread the cost.




Get in touch for an informal chat or book a free consultation and enjoy your hearing once again.


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Hear Better, Feel Better

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