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Once a hearing system has been chosen, it will take between three and ten days for it to arrive depending on the make and model. An appointment will then be made to fit the aids.


This appointment will take approximately one hour and will consist of programming the aids to your prescription, making certain that you can insert and remove the aids, that the aids are comfortable and that any equipment and controls are easy to use.


If it is the first time you have worn aids, or the aids are more sophisticated than your existing ones, they will be set to a ‘comfort setting’. This allows the brain to adapt to hearing aids gradually rather than being bombarded by lots of new and unusual sounds, thus preventing the brain from being overwhelmed.


The level will be increased over a period of time as the brain gets used to hearing new sounds, and hearing some existing sounds differently.


Depending on the individual needs of each patient, a series of follow up appointments will be made to increase the level of the aids, for fine tuning that will be needed, and to advise and demonstrate basic routine maintenance procedures.

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