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Safe, quick, efficient ear wax removal.

Same day appointments normally available.

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Unfortunately we have had to put up the price of earwax removal. This is because the cost of our cleaning products, especially alchohol based ones, have increased dramatically. PPE equipment has also increased in price and we now have to use this on every appointment. We also have to allow a greater time between appointments in order to disinfect everwhere and keep patients seperate in order to maintain safety protocols.


Because of this a clinic appointment for Earwax removal is now £50 for one ear and £70 for both.


We are dealing with home visits on an individual basis but wherever possible we would encourage people to come to our clinic as we can control the environment better. We have our own private carpark so you can drive door to door without coming into contact with anyone else. We also have disabled access and disabled facilities.


Kind regards


Stephen, Kate and Julia