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We all have Ear Wax (Cerumen), and it serves a useful purpose in keeping our ears clean and healthy.

Normally, the ear canal has a mechanism that stops too much wax building up, but sometimes it can't manage this and the ear gets blocked.

Cross Tick Cross Cross DeVilbis micro suction Tick microsuction Tick wax in canal

It's OK to put Olive oil in your ears for a few days to soften any wax, but as the saying goes.........Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!

I can safely  remove any wax build up for you by using the latest techniques and equipment, including microsuction, either at the practice or in the comfort of your home for a small surcharge.

One ear     £40

Both ears   £60

Home visit £10 extra


Safe, quick, efficient ear wax removal.

Same day appointments normally available.