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My wife, Kate, is hearing impaired, and naturally I have always provided her with the very best hearing aids available, in order to give her the best hearing possible.


Over the years, this has meant I have used a number of different manufactures to provide Kate's Hearing Aids, depending on which was the best available at the time.


Our philosophy is to offer my patients the very same choice, and bespoke care and attention that she receives.

Prior to becoming independent, I practised for many years at a well known, leading high street hearing care provider in Oxford, building up a large patient base.


We took the decision to move back home to Derbyshire, and I decided to use the opportunity to start my own practice.


I received a lot of phone calls from both old and new Oxford patients, resulting in me spending one to two days a week in Oxford, and the rest of my time in Derbyshire.

Getting to know my patient is the most important thing I do when trying to restore someones hearing.


If we can chat and put the world to rights, I can learn a lot more about your hearing needs, than just looking at your hearing graph.


Your lifestyle and needs will influence the type of aids that will suit you best, within your chosen budget.


Once the aids are fitted, we will see each other frequently over the first few months, and many of these visits will be spent chatting. This will provide me with a lot of information so I can programme and fine tune your aids until they work as well as possible.

About me

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Stephen worked with the BBC as Audiology Consultant on the "Don't Die Young" TV series