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Anyone with a hearing loss knows it's no laughing matter!


Conversations take far more concentration, you mishear words, the TV and Radio isn't clear, and anywhere that is noisy becomes an almost impossible environment to function in.


We are fortunate that in Britain, there is the free provision of hearing aids from the NHS. However, due to the high cost of hearing aids, the ones that are freely available on the NHS are quite basic models, not too discreet, and probably won't give you the level of hearing you would like.


There are hundreds of brands of hearing aids available privately, but the vast majority of the ones advertised at low prices are in fact older technology aids that have since been superseded by more advanced models.


Older technology aids costs from around £400 a pair – a stark contrast to the latest technology, which can cost well over £3000 per pair.


If you need hearing aids, naturally you would hear far more clearly if you were wearing the latest models, rather than old technology.


As an Audiologist, I would like to be able to offer the very latest technology to everyone, making the very best hearing aids (such as the ones my wife wears) available to far more people.


The problem is, not everyone can afford to pay out up to £3000 in one lump sum.


For a considerable time I have been devising a Hearing Care Plan, which provides the best hearing aids, and all aftercare as part of the package.


The problem was that the best hearing aids are very expensive even at trade prices. The audiologist pays a high price for the latest technology, before he or she then spends time programming them to the custom needs of the patient.


I have now perfected a unique package which enables you to have the latest discreet aids, across all levels of technology, without the need to pay out a large lump sum or take out finance. The total cost including the initial deposit will still work out less money than you can get the aids elsewhere.


It also means that if you did actually want to purchase the 'Hear for Life Plan' in one sum, it works out many hundreds of pounds cheaper than purchasing the latest hearing aids anywhere else.

Hear Better, Feel Better